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FORD TRANSIT 250 rigged up available for rental


1x APUTURE NOVA 600c RGBWW + Snapgrid 40 ̊
1x APUTURE NOVA 300c RGBWW + Snapgrid 40 ̊


1x APUTURE LS 1200D (VM)

2x AMARAN  300C


2x APUTURE INFINIBAR 4' PB12 + grid 40 ̊

4x APUTURE INFINIBAR 2' PB6 + grid 40 ̊



4x APUTURE MC RGBWW + charging case
1x AMARAN F22C Led Mat RGBWW + Softbox/Eggcrate
2x ALADDIN All-in 2x1 + Softbox/Eggcrate
1x ALADDIN All-in 1x1 + Softbox/Eggcrate


1x ARRI 2000W open-face

1x ARRI Fresnel 1000W
2x A
RRI Fresnel 650W

2x ARRI Fresnel 300W

1x ARRI Fresnel 150W

1x ETC Source Four 26 ̊ 750W

1x ETC Mini Source Four 50W (26 ̊/50 ̊)

1x Incandescent house bulb box (7W to 300W)

1x SNAPBOX Octa 5' + Eggcrate + Nova Rabbit ears + 2x Bowen Rabbit ears

1x APUTURE Lightdome 150cm
1x APUTURE Lightdome II 90cm

1x APUTURE Spotlight 36 ̊

1x APUTURE Lantern 90

1x APUTURE Lantern 45
2x APUTURE Fresnel 300+ Barndoors
1x CHIMERA Pancake medium

1x CHIMERA Octa 3'
1x MOGUL Socket Triolet for Octabank
1x MOGUL Socket chimera

12x AC 25'

8x AC 50'

1x Oven plug to 2x joy adapter

1x Dryer plug to 2x joyadapter
2x Spider joy to U-groun
d 5x adapter

4x Dimmer 1000W


7x MSE C-stand 40'' black

3x MSE C-stand 20'' black

3x MSE Beefy 3s 750 

4x MSE aluminium 3s 750 

1x MSE Monitor stand II roller

1x MSE Panel stand cranko 2K

3x MSE Combo 3s

2x MSE Combo 2s + Wheels set
2x MSE Lowboy 2K 

2x MSE Mini Slider stand 2K

2x MSE Mombo combo + Wheels set

1x MSE Pipe boom kit 1-1/2"

1x MODERN Pipe wall Spreader telescopic

1x MSE Boom arm 750

1x AVENGER Boom arm 2K
2x MSE Polecat long

1x MSE Polecat medium

1x MSE Polecat short

1x Triple header 750

1x Triple header 2K

2x MSE Matthellini 3" center jaw

2x MSE Matthellini 2" end jaw

1x MSE Matthellini 2" center jaw

2x MSE Matthellini 6" end jaw
1x KUPO Cardellini 9"

2x MSE Extendellini 10"

7x Maffer + pin 750

1x MSE LB2 Location bracket 750

3x Manfrotto Magic arm

15x Metal clip 1"

20x Metal clip 2"

10x Metal clip 3"

1x Quacker clamp

1x Kupo quick action pipe clamp 2K

1x Kupo Swivel camera plate for 2'' pipe

15x Sandbags 15lbs

1x Apple box full

2x Foam box

2x KUPO Apple box nest kit (Full, 1/2, 1/4, pancake)

4x MSE Grip head 2.5

3x MSE Grip head 4.5

2x Base plate 750

1x Base plate 2K

12x Safety chain

1x MSE 90 ̊ adapter 2K

1x MODERN 45 ̊ adapter 2K
2x 2k M to 750 M adapter

1x 750 F to 2K F adapter

2x Magic finger MSE

7x Scissor clip

2x MSE 6" suction cup

3x 750 Spigot

2x Magnet 6" + 1/4 screw

2x Magnet 2" + 1/4 screw

Tie-down, carabiners & climber's slings

Lightbridge CRLS Reflectors kit

  50x50cm #1 to 4

  25x25cm #1 to 4

  15x15cm #1 to 4

  2x C-Wheel male + safety chain

  2x C-Wheel female + safety chain

Gripbox 24x36

  3x Flag

  1x Triple net

  2x Double net

  1x Single net

  1x Silk 

  1x Silk 1/2

  1x Silk 1/4

  1x 216

  1x 250

  1x 251
  1x  Wood cuco

  1x  Empty frame

Gripbox 48x48

  3x Solid floppy

  1x Muslin bleach floppy

  1x Double net

  1x Single net

  1x Silk full

  1x Silk 1/4

  1x Grid full

  1x 1/2 CTS + heatshield

  1x Bounce white/silver

  2x  Empty frame

1x 8x8 MSE Hollywood frame with ears

1x 8x8 MODERN frame snap-a-part 4' with ears

1x 12x12 MODERN frame snap-a-part 6' with ears


  1x 4x4 Silent Grid full

  1x 4x4 Silent Grid 1/2

  1x 4x4 Silent Grid 1/4

  1x 4x4 Magic cloth

  1x 4x4 Eggcrate 50 ̊

  1x 8x8 Bleach muslin

  1x 8x8 Unbleach muslin

  1x 8x8 Silent Grid full

  1x 8x8 Silent Grid 1/2

  1x 8x8 Silent Grid 1/4

  1x 8x8 Silk 1/4

  1x 8x8 Ultrabounce

  2x 8x8 Black solid

  1x 8x8 Eggcrate 50 ̊

  1x 12x12 Black solid

  1x 12x12 Silent grid 1/2

  1x 12x12 Silent grid 1/4

  1x 4x8 Muslin bleached

  1x 4x8 Black solid

  1x 12x12 Silent Grid full

  1x 12x12 Silent Grid 1/2

  1x 12x12 Black solid
  1x 12x12 Ultrabounce

  1x Flexfill Black/White 3x5'

2x 8' Aluminium pipe 1-1/2"

2x 8' Aluminium pipe 1-1/4"

2x 4' Aluminium pipe 1-1/2"

2x 6' Aluminium pipe 1-1/4"

2x Pipe joiner sleeve 1-1/2"

2x MSE Big ben Clamp adapter 2K






DZO CATTA ACE 35-80mm T2.9
DZO CATTA ACE 70-135mm T2.9
​DZO VESPID 16mm T2.8
DZO VESPID 25mm T2.1

DZO VESPID 35mm T2.1

DZO VESPID 50mm T2.1

DZO VESPID 75mm T2.1

DZO VESPID 100mm T2.1

DZO VESPID 125mm T2.1


2x DZO PL to E-mount ADAPTER

SONY 16-35mm f2.8 GM

SONY 24-70mm f2.8 GM II 
SONY 70-200mm f2.8 GM
SONY 24-105mm f4

SONY 24mm 1.4 GM

SONY 35mm 1.4 GM

SONY 50mm 1.2 GM

SONY 85mm 1.4 GM

HELIOS 58mm f2 M42 + adapter EF/E-mount
HELIOS 85mm f2 EF



CAMERA CART Proaim Atlas V2 + accessories

SATCHLER Flowtech 100mm tripod + FSB 10 Head
NFROTTO 2 sections 546B 75mm + 504 head
DJI Ronin RS3 Pro combo kit
RigWheels Cloud Mount isolator system with Standard Sidecar Tray

EASYRIG minimax Quick-Release

DANA DOLLY + riser 6" + 100/75mm bowl

SKATE SEAT on wheels for apple box


Mattebox Wooden camera Zip Pro 114-82-77mm clamp-on + pola tray
Mattebox Smallrig mini + 80-95mm/85-95mm clamp on + 77-82mm ring

Tokina Pro Cinema IRND filter 82mm 0.3 to 1.8

B+W ND filter 77mm 0.3 to 1.8

Tiffen Black Promist 1/8  82/77mm
Tiffen Black Promist 1/4  82/77mm
Tiffen Black Satin 1/8  82mm/77mm

Tiffen Black Satin 1/4  82mm/77mm
VariND Polarpro 82mm Peter McKinnon Edition (2-5 stop)

B+W Circular Pola Hight Transmission 82/77mm
Tiffen Diopter +1-2-4 77mm



Flanders Scientific DM241 24''

Osee HDR-215 21''
PortKeys BM7 II DS 7" High-Bright Monitor in Director's cage WC

SmallHD 503 5''
Teradek 4K LT HDMI/SDI (1 TX + 2 RX)
Teradek 4K LT HDMI TX
Blackmagic Quad Multiviewer SDI
Blackmagic HDMI to SDI converter

EARTECH UltraLITH Single Series wireless intercom (5 headset + 10 batteries)


3x Anton Bauer Titon 90 SL Gold-mount
2x Anton Bauer Titon 150 Gold-mount

2x Anton Bauer Titon240 SL Gold-mount
4x SHAPE Full play 270 Gold-mount

SHAPE 4 bay charger Gold-mount

Anton Bauer GM2 charger
2x Anton Bauer Dtap charger


Sennheiser 8060 mini shotgun + Windkiller bubblebee
3x Sony UWP-D TX UC14

Sony UWP-D RX UC14

Sony UWP-D RX Double UC14
Sony SMAD-P5 hotshoe adapter

2x Sanken Cos-11D lavalier black + accessories

2x Oscar Soundtech TL-40 lavalier 

Zoom H6 Recorder

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